YouTube is Removing Ads on Content Related to “MOMO Challenge”

YouTube is taking strict action against the law-breakers and spreading this non-existent thing MOMO. YouTube is removing ads from all videos related to MOMO challenge. The YouTube is not providing or serving the ad on any content which is potentially harmful for its users.

What is MOMO Challenge?

MOMO challenge

So, Momo challenge is a stupid challenge which influences the teens and adults to harm themselves. You have heard about Blue Whale previously. Momo challenge is similar to it. It is an online game which encourages teens and adults to perform various dangerous tasks. Basically, it is a suicide challenge.

Origin Of MOMO Challenge

The horrifying image of the goggled lady which is termed as MOMO is invented in Tokyo. A Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso, is the creator of this kinda weird creature. Later this creature is misused by some unsocial elements. It is widely spread over Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media platform. In July 2018, the “Momo challenge” make their users accustom to it. But till then there is no report that anyone is directly harmed by it. In Feb 2019, this dangerous suicide game comes into the notice.

Kim Kardarshia Instagram
Kim Kardarshian pleaded youtube to alleged momo challenge videos

Police Service of Northern Ireland publicly posted a warning on Facebook to alert the people. Also, an American media personality Kim Kardashian put her Instagram story to alleged the MOMO related stuff from YouTube.

Victims of MOMO Challenge

The viral game “momo challenge” has its root in Japan. After that, it attacks the social platform Facebook and gives a dare to call on some sort of number. By doing this it gains more attention by users. Then, an unknown person commonly known as Momo will instruct you to perform various tasks.

If you succeed then Momo will encourage you to take part in more dangerous activities that involve harm and maybe lead you to death.

Recently, some of its victim’s reports came across. A 12-year-old girl in Argentina attempted suicide due to this freak challenging game. According to Daily Mail reports a seven-year-old child said to his friends that doll-like creatures would kill them in their sleep.

YouTube on MOMO

YouTube is very strictly alleged the videos on momo related stuff. Also, Demonetize the videos having any stuff related to momo challenge. UK Govt. is concerned and looking into the matter and trying to find the culprit.

Personally, I recommed you to stay away from these type of freak challenging suicide games. Also, don’t try for fun or anything else. Drop down your comments and Stay tuned with GADACTS for latest viral and tech updates….

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