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Every day when we surf through you tube it collects our 800 million data points. These data points are there to make our experience even better. This video sharing platform at the back end is much more than it looks. Its everyday changing algorithm is much more complex for the content creators out there. The artificial intelligence working behind makes algorithm change day by day.

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Youtube follows 3 R’s

Main purpose of youtube is to provide the right video to right person at right time. While collecting your data points on the basis of what a user likes , dislike, mask as not interested and all other features youtube offers the algorithm change every time so as to provide the best feature of the 3 r’s.

Every experiment for content.

For all the content creator to make its content viral you tube is experimenting every time on your data points collected. The struggle of you tuber of providing correct keywords with changing algorithms can be quite irking. Famous Indo-Canadian You tuber Lilly Singh popularly known as Superwoman just took a break from youtube because of the changing algorithms.

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How to keep up pace with changing algorithms.

To keep up your video up on the youtube one just need to work how you tube works. One the basis of the data points collected youtube provide a browser feature which means even if someone has not subscribed your channel but still watches your video it pushes you in their suggestion list and also update when you upload new video. To keep the browser feature strong one needs to be regular on their channel and also have to keep in mind the categories of the videos. For example one video of mine got viral which was on food recipe and another video I made is of comedy so automatically your video won’t get browser feature. Best way to do that is wrapping up your content in the story which is like a character who wants something is in conflict and get it and got transformed.

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