What is edge computing and how network is being changed through it?


Edge computing refers to a way in which we modernize the traffic flow from IOT devices. We also foresee the real-time local data analysis. IOT devices data does processing at edges and not at the data centers in this computing. The organizations analyzes the important data in near real-time as processing of data takes place near the edge of its generation.

Edge Computing


This computing consists of micro data centers that are connected in a mesh type of network. These micro data centers are responsible for locally processing critical data. They also push received data to a central data center or a cloud storage repository.

The main reference is in the cases of IOT usage. The edge devices does the data collection. This sometimes may be in large amounts and the processing of data takes place at data center or a cloud.

Edge Computing – A relationship between the cloud, edge and IOT


Because of poor connectivity and poor efficiency to stay connected constantly to the data centers, the IOT devices use this computing. There is reduced latency in this computing as the data centers receive data for processing. This is best suitable for financial services or manufacturing. Telecommunication companies made this computing using the next-gen 5G cellular networks.

Edge computing helps reducing latency.


Like a coin has two sides, there are two sides of this computing security coin too. On one side of the coin are the people who believe that this computing is secure. The reason behind this is that very less data is present at the data centers which may be vulnerable.

But on the other side of the coin are people who thinks that this computing is less secure because the data at the edges is more vulnerable. Security is an important aspect for designing an edge. The protection of edge computing systems includes the important elements like data encryption, access control and use of virtual private network.

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