Twitter confirms working on a new “Request Verification” system

Twitter confirms that they are launching a new verification system and Guidelines. The in app feature is not available yet.

image source:The Apple Post

Earlier, there were leaks/findings of launch of app request verification system for twitter by Jane Manchun Wong. Which appears in the the account settings of the twitter account. After that twitter confirm this. Twitter verification process is currently on hold before this they had a public submission system for verification. If a user is verified then a blue and white tick appears after its username. More recently, Twitter began verifying health experts who were tweeting credible information about the novel corona virus.

Twitter stated that they are working on ‘New Guidelines’. Twitter was earlier not very clear about what it means to be verified on its platform. Which has created a lot confusion among its users. Twitter stated that verification on its platform is perceived as an endorsement or a indicator of importance. But it has always been to authenticate ‘Identity’ and ‘Voice’.

Twitter is also reviewing previously verified accounts and will remove those whose behavior does not fall within these new guidelines. Twitter seems to be very strict with their new policies. As they recently removed a tweet from USA President Donald J. Trump with violated their community guideline policy. On which the President was not very happy. He praised Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg because Facebook did’t removed the same post on their platform.

Twitter will now publicly list what it means to be verified in Twitter. Earlier they had internal Guidelines for this. This will bring more clarity and transparency. And people will understand why it chooses to verify the accounts. The company has not yet confirmed that how are the new guidelines are going to be. But it is expected that they will be less harsh with them.

Twitter is often criticized for imposing shadow bans on people whom they think are not following their community guidelines. It sometimes goes even to banning to some accounts. Even after all the criticism twitter always stood firmly with their policies.

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