The journey of Zomato: India’s first online food delivery to go global

journey of Zomato

Starting as Foodiebay in Delhi NCR and reached out globally as Zomato. Zomato becomes the biggest food delivery company in India. It is the first ever food guide in India which is expanding overseas. Zomato becomes the search engine for foodie people. As, One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well. So here Zomato brings up the solution, whenever you feel hungry pick up your phone and order on Zomato. The next step you have to do is wait at your doorstep. Zomato made it quite easy for the foodie people and people who think cooking is time consumable task.

Foodiebay To Zomato

foodiebay to zomato

Zomato is an India’s most used restaurant search and discovery system started as Foodiebay in 2008. At the end of 2010, the company renamed as Zomato. It started from the Delhi NCR and after that, they expand their business in different cities. Zomato is launched in Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad at the end of 2011. In 2011, Zomato launched the website, website regarding food porn. This website is dedicated to great food shots.

food porn

By 2011, Zomato developed its business in all India. Then it comes the time to expand it overseas. In 2012, it also collabs with Citibank. By the end of 2012, it covers the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Qatar, United Kingdom and many other countries. In April 2014, Zomato launches its service in Portugal. Recently, Zomato concluded that it is established across 24 countries and becomes the first ever food delivery system in India to represent globally.

Founders of Zomato

Founders of Zomato
Founders of Zomato

Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah are founders of Zomato. Started from a small company Foodiebay from Delhi NCR and expanded it overseas as Zomato. Lots of hard work and struggle is there in the success of Zomato. Both were the students of IIT Delhi and working at Gurgaon-based Bain Consulting.

So, the ideology behind the Zomato is that they both used to collect the menu and leaflets of different restaurants. From there they thought to remove this issue and succeeded in it.

After working approximately 18 months on the website only on weekends with their job they collab with more than 1000 restaurants in Delhi. And later on, a company named Info Edge invested in the venture. Then they expand it in metropolitan cities and then overseas. Now, Zomato is available in approx. 24 countries.

In 2014, Zomato became the ET startup of the year 2014. This is how Zomato starts and achieve success. Also, read about the more Indain startups that created a billion dolaar buzz. For more updates and tech startups stay tuned with GADACTS.

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