The Age Of Artificial Intelligence- The High Tech Future

Artificial Intelligence in developing artificial brain

The 21st century is considered to be the ” The age of Artificial Intelligence”. Much before getting familiarized to this term AI, we had already developed the concept behind it from movies like Star Wars or Wall-E. Humanoid robots working self-efficiently or automated cars, all used to sound fictional to us previously. However, with the advancement of Computer Science stream, we are gifted with one of the most unique concepts- Artificial Intelligence.

So lets dive into the most technically pleasing and awestruck world of AI.

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Where from it all started?

The idea of machines making choices and responding to the natural environment has been prevailing for quite a long while. Turning published a landmark paper where he proposed the possibility of thinking by a machine.  If a machine could carry on a conversation (over a teleprinter) that was indistinguishable from a conversation with a human being, then it was reasonable to say that the machine was “thinking”.

The very first conference on AI

Later on, AI was popularized at a conference of Dartmouth College in the United States in 1956 that brought together researchers on a broad range of topics, from language simulation to learning machines. Later on, each year researchers and engineers came with their ideas as for how to train a mechanical brain. Due to the lack of adequate fundings and advanced hardware to support AI, the growth of AI became stagnant for quite a while. Later on, in the late nineties, AI regained its popularity. 2011 saw more enhancements. Technologies like Deep learning, Blockchain, Computer Vision evolved. And from hence, Artificial intelligence is the top technologies in use.

What is AI & how does it work?

AI is a super-set for all the other new technologies

In lay man’s term, Artificial Intelligence is a way of making a machine intelligent by various methodologies.AI gives power to the machine to make a choice and take decisions on their own. AI mainly consists of three components:

All these three components can work individually as well as in a group. Varied data sets are fetched to the system so as to train the machine according to the human standards. The computer then computes the possibility of events which can occur. And finally, it selects the best output. However recent developments by Aplhago Zero is developing such independent machines, where no data is needed. Which means almost no human assistance.

AI will curb the jobs for programmers- just a myth!

Human’s Critical thinking and AI’s time efficiency- great result!

Although we are on a mission of making our computers as genius as the human brain is but there is still a long way to go for it. Humans are the creator of these machines. Humans have the ability of logical thinking. AI is said to take over tedious jobs like coding and testing. Although Neural Networks resembles our brain acceptance and thinking ability. But the neural networks need input to be fed always and a data set to get trained first. And for all these, there will never be a shortage of jobs for developers.

Notable projects under AI

Artificial Intelligence has a futuristic approach. Following are some of the promising projects involving AI :

Google Brain: Under the flagship of Google, Google Brain is a product which has incorporated both Neural Networks and AI. From the year 2010, Google has been working on this product for developments. The current upgrade was of ” Smart Reply”. Whereby the product will access through the text messages and compare it with its pre-defined data sets. After that, it will reply to the most suitable reply on its own.

Tesla: Also known as the self-driving car, Tesla has set a benchmark itself. The car has all the features like obstacle detection, automated map display, sensor-ed driving, accident monitoring. According to the Tech Crunch, Tesla cars will very soon take over conventional cars.

IBM ‘s Watson: IBM’s Watson is a cognitive AI and machine learning platform that is in use for a nearly endless stream of projects. It’s having a profound impact on banking and finance, online therapy and mental health, retail, marketing, and even customer service.

Humanoids in Arts: Not only the technical industries but also the genre of Arts is getting AI flavour. Researchers from the University of Tübingen have put together an online AI painter, Deep-Art, that creates “Neural Art” based on photographs. You can upload a photo, choose a style and have a neural network create an image for you.

Concluding :

Artificial Intelligence is one such concept which has many scopes to evolve. The unique concept of let the machine do both the physical and mental work is incredible. Almost every single day a new product of AI is launched. If in this rate the evolution of Artificial Intelligence grows, we might end up in a sci-fi era, with robots and intelligent machines around us.

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