Advancements In Media Of China By Xinhua

China launched the first female AI news anchor recently. Her name is
Xin Xiaomeng . She became a part of the Xinhua’s news team. Xin never ever went to any journalism school. Infact, “she” is not a normal person. Xin is artificially intelligent robot invention by Xinhua. Xinhua collaborated with search engine Sogou for Xin. Sogou made her the first female AI new anchor of the world.

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China unveiled the first female AI reporter of the world named as Xin  Xiaomeng  on march 5,2019. It was launched by the news team Xinhua.
Xin Xiaomeng -The first female AI robot news anchor of China


Xin is Chinese state’s latest innovation in the field of media. Xin made her debut in the Two Sessions political meetings of China this year. Firstly,Xinhua debuted the first male AI news anchor named Qiu Hao during the China’s annual World Internet Conference. Conference took place in town Wuzhen in the month of November last year.

China unveiled the first male AI reporter of the world named as Qiu Hao in 2017. It was launched by the news team Xinhua.
Qiu Hao- The world’s first male AI robot news anchor of China


Xinhua has been  experimenting on AI driven journalism. For the same they had once designed a robot reporter. But the attempt to imitate a human by this robot reporter didn’t work well. In 2017, a Chinese manufactured robot named Jia Jia, interviewed AI expert Kevin Kelly. Kelly is also the co-founder of Wired magazine. Jia interviewed at an event in Hefei in 2017. But Jia Jia was not able to respond naturally to the questions asked by Kelly. Earlier in 2017, “Inspire”,a 1.2 meter tall robot came in existence. He became a part of 2017 Two Sessions meeting of China as an intern reporter.

Robot Inspire of Xinhua of China was launched in 2017 Two Sessions meeting  as an intern reporter.
Robot “Inspire” of China

Robots can be taken in use in any way as per recent advancements. The advancements are growing rapidly in the field of media. Surely in the coming time, robots will replace human employees. Though advancements are still under process, but, the existing ones are really working well. The coming future will have news reporters made by Xinhua as the news anchors in China. The future will be a fully digital earth with the presence of robots along with the humans on it.

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