Kerala, a beautiful state which has nearly 600 km of Arabian Sea shoreline. It’s known for its palm-lined beaches and backwaters, a network of canals.
As we all know that Kerala has the highest literacy rate and the rate is 94.00% (according to 2011 census report). As the people of Kerala are smart so is their state.

By smart we means the way of things done in Kerala is really out of the box and needs to be appreciated.

Cameras with AI to detect helmet-less riders..

In other states as well we can see cameras are installed with traffic lights for surveillance but Kerala has taken a one step further and installed cameras with AI software to detect helmet-less riders in two wheelers and drivers without seatbelt in four wheelers and they are also used to keep a check on speed limits as well. There requires no need for a cop to do challans as the violators get notified immediately in the cameras and challans will be send directly to their homes. A trail run in capital Trivandrumpuram with these AI cameras which found out to be 98% accurate.

Keltron:Keeping an Eye on Kerala Speedsters

General Features of the System:

  • Automatic/Unmanned capture of violations including number plate of vehicles, 24×7 operation .
  • High speed shutter operation to capture even number plates of vehicles moving at high speed.
  • Anti-tamper alarm.
  • Multiple lane support.
  • Combo operation should be possible: Red light violation under Red light ON conditions.
  • Over speed detection during Red light off conditions (when installed at suitable junctions) .


KP-BOT is a new robot installed in the city’s police headquarters, that’s been assigned to front office duties. It will greet visitors as they enter and attempt to help them complete their official business efficiently.

Meet Sub Inspector KP-BOT

KP-BOT is so efficient that it can record a person’s data using facial recognition technology. Once all the data is filled it can also help in recognising a criminal. “Humanoids in the future may also be used to investigate crime or control traffic”.

The Director General of Police (DGP) was quoted to India Today, “Women empowerment and gender equality were kept in mind while deciding on the gender of the first robot.

The visitors can directly interact with the SI-ranked KP-Bot. The robot is equipped with facilities to fix appointment with officers, provide them with identity cards and also open new files based on their grievances.

Just like other police officers, the RoboCop is capable of identifying higher officials and greet them with a salute.

Its duties would include identifying and guiding a visitor to the concerned department. It would also enquire about the details of the visitors and record their complaints.

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