IBM is developing a brain implant

It is sure enough that a new way is under development by IBM for brain implant in coming time. The researcher’s name is Stefan Harrer who is going to develop a way to monitor the brain of a person. This way is going to predict the epileptic seizures of a person’s brain. Harrer is designing a computer system which is like a artificial brain.

brain nebula
An artificial brain will be created using the technology


This system will analyse a real human’s brain. For the same, creation of an software application took place . This will interpret the human brain waves by using a neural network. The waves of a patient’s brain are first fed into the neural network. Then these waves re analyzed by the IBM proprietary hardware. This hardware is an experimental IBM chip. It’s name is TrueNorth. It’s architecture is such that it mirrors the human brain. This makes  an efficient neural system .

IBM will analyze real human brain by creating a false one.


The external computer uses a chip for its working. A wearable device which cooperates with a brain implant also uses this chip. This implant sends an ECG information to the wearable device or computer . However, this data helps the prediction of an epileptic seizure. The team wants the system to be present on the wearable device. This helps the analysis take less time in real-time. Also according to them, the efficient working of wearing device will help the technology to have a great impact. They envision the device to  detect an oncoming seizure. This helps patient and his doctor get awared about the seizure connected via smart phone.

This technology will consist a wearable device to analyze the brain.


With the help of previous attained data, the scientists expect that this will help them to see deeper into the underlying structure of seizure brain activity. Harrer and him team have hopes that this technology not only helps to predict seizures but also stop them before their occurrence. Harrer told that the artificial brain will compensate with the real brain which malfunctions to stop the seizure.


The extraction of meaningful information amongst the background noise generated by the patient’s brain leads to main difficulty . There is no detection of a specific seizure pattern for each individual. Due to this researchers are incomprehensible for their technology. But they are getting closer day by day in research.The aim for the project is attaching a human body to an artificial neural network. The project will take time in future but the researchers are fully determined to complete it.

Main difficulty is the extraction of meaningful information.

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