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How To Advertise On Facebook – Hello Readers, welcome again to our website Today we discuss about how to advertise on Facebook properly. So firstly we have to know what is facebook adscampaign or advertisement and why we need this ad campaign.

What Is advertisement ?

Why Advertisement Is important

A notice or announcement in public medium for promoting a product, services or events is called advertisement. Basically if you want to sell your products or service or anything you want to advertise your product for big profit.

Why We Need advertisement?

Advertisement is use for profit
Profit Chart After Advertisement

Advertisement is just a message to group of peoples. Company or brands advertise their products to achieve maximum number of sale in less time. Advertisement is also important because it allows to target your customers. Advertisement helps the customer to know about the latest products and their prices.

There are two types of advertisement !!

1.Offline Advertisement – Pamphlet, Newspapers Etc.

2. Online Advertisement – Facebook Ad Campaign , Google Ads , Etc.

Now days offline advertisement are old type of advertisement and also very expensive. If we are comparing offline advertisement vs online advertisement, online advertisement will give more positive response. For Example, if 1000 Pamphlet will distributed to the audience then obviously some of audience keep the pamphlets who need them rather all the remaining pamphlets will destroy by the audience which make no sense. On the other side in online advertisement we can use filters like we advertise our product or services to targeted peoples.

So how you can advertise online ??

There are many more advertising company who promoting the sellers product like Google ads, and Facebook ad campaign. So in this article we will discuss about How To Advertise on Facebook. All the steps given below are simplify you about how to advertise on Facebook.

Why Facebook Ads?

The Profit Chart Of Facebook Advertisement (How to Advertise on facebook)
Profit Chart After Using Facebook Ads

There are many reasons for using Facebook Ads. First of all you have your customization or controls on your Facebook ads. Facebook Ads are internally connected with Instagram Ads so you can use both at same campaign. Facebook had 2.27 billion monthly active user which is very big user base. It gives perfect targeted audience at low CPC this is very important point for choosing Facebook Ads.

How to Set Up Facebook Ads Guide –

Let’s start with basics, i.e from beginning you have to go your profile and click on create ad on the top left menu. This article helps you to know about how to advertise on Facebook with images so just follow our steps.

Step 1 : Select Your Campaign

There are many campaign objectives provided by Facebook. You have to choose your campaign in which you want to adverstise. These options are available on Facebook given below.

  • Brand awareness
  • Local awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • All installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Conversions
  • Product catalog sales
  • Store visits
Add campaign options on facebook
Ad Campaigns

Here is advice to choose ad campaign-

These option are available on Facebook because if choose one of them then they will optimize your advertisement for more result. For example if you have a new website and you want traffic on it you have to choose “Traffic” option which is given in consideration part. So from our side we recommend choose your campaign related to your content.

Step 2 : Write Your Ad Campaign Name

After selecting your Ad campaign type you have to write your ad campaign name which is important thing as below image you can see, if you are selected you traffic ad campaign then right name as you want.

Ad campaign name (How to Advertise on facebook)
Ad Campaign Name

After creating ad campaign name, there will come an option to choose your currency and time zone. Simply choose your currency and time zone and proceed to continue.

Selection Of Currency And Time Zone(How to Advertise on facebook)
Selection Of Currency And Time Zone

Step 3 : Setup Your Targeted Audience

After naming your ad campaign you have to setup you targeted audience to get more result. Mainly you have to setup …

  1. Use a saved audience.
  2. Custom Audiences.
Targeted Audience Setup (How to Advertise on facebook)

This process is much important because from this option your ad will goes on your selected users like if your product or content related to futuristic thing then you have to setup age group 18 to 25 years because older person or user will not take interest in it so keep fill up this section carefully.

Step 4 : Setup Your Ad Placement

If you are familiar with Youtube, you already know ads are shown on different places like bottom of the video , right side of video and before starting of video. Same here you have to setup ads placement, where you want to show ads to the user. There are many types of ads running on Facebook,

  • Facebook News Feeds (Mobile and Desktop)
  • Facebook Right-Hand Column
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
  • Instant Articles
  • In-Stream Video

Step 5 : Setup Ad Campaign Budget

In this step you have to choose your ad budget, how much you want to spent on your advertisement. There are many factors which cause your budget. You have to choose carefully according to your budget. There are many such important topics which you have to understand before investing your money. Because if you invest your money and you will profitable it will meaningful if not it will like garbage.

From our point of view means our research says that your invested money will be used, like Facebook uses 25% of your invested money on your first day and after that they will invest lesser amount of 25% of your invested money day by day in decreasing order. And there are many topics which you have to read if you want to read link is here Important Topics.

Step 6 : Final Step : Just Setup Your Facebook Ads

This is final step after this you may know how to advertise on Facebook. In this step you have to set your Facebook ad types and select your pictures, video to upload. As you can see image given below…

Facebook Ads Type
Facebook ad type

So, that’s all our topic is complete. Let me know you are able to understand this article in comment section. If you want any information about how to advertise on Facebook just leave a comment down below we will reply as soon as possible.

My name is Gautam from Punjab(Ropar). One day i was thinking could i earn money without going office or by sitting in home. I also want to be a influencer so i start this blog and also have a Youtube channel.

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