Google Duplex – Soon available in non-Pixel phones and iPhones

Google Duplex will be soon available for all the Android Devices running on Android 5.0 or above and also in Apple iPhones. This robot calling service will soon be available on Android devices other than Pixel Smartphones, according to XDA Developers.

What is Google Duplex?

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Working of Google Duplex
Source – sectorqube

Google Duplex is a technology using Google assistant feature in which your calls are attended by a robot on your behalf. This bot interacts with the caller in supernatural Human voice instead of a robotic one.

If you are looking for how it works with examples then you can visit here.

How to get Google Duplex feature on IOS?

google duplex gadacts
Google Assistant in iPhone

All you need to do is that you have to Download the Google Assistant app from the App Store and once the app is installed the Google Duplex feature will work in your device.

This Google Duplex service is limited to 43 US states only and Google didn’t announce yet to provide this feature in other countries.

Google Duplex could be rolled out to more Android phones soonβ€” Gadgets 360 (@Gadgets360) April 3, 2019

Tweet by gadgets 360

According to this tweet, Google Duplex feature is spotted on a Samsung Galaxy S10+ for restaurant booking service.

google duplex gadacts
Screen Capture
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Google Duplex is call screen feature in which you can let the Google assistant take your calls on your behalf and show you a live transcript of the caller on the screen.

While it’s unclear that when and on which device it will be available first so that users can take advantage of AI. As of now this type of feature is not available on any of the Assistants i.e, Siri, Cortana and not even on Bixby.

For more details about how Call Screen feature works you can visit here.

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