Google Assistant adding new wings to it with KiaOS…

Google assistant helps lot of us to make things easy in our hectic busy schedule. By saying ok google a lot of our tasks are done in a minute.From calling someone to setting an event in calendar technology is now at our fingertips. Now google is adding much more features in your KiaOS phones to be in the race.

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Competing for digital dominance.

Google assistant is now in competance with the Amazon alexa in digital world but later is growing well despite being a latecomer. Google is using assistant as a layer in smart of the messages. The announcements made by google is auto transition of smart display of speaking. It is letting you talk in your natural way and it will act as a speaker itself.

Assistant now supporting multilinguals.

Now google has brought multilingual integration to your device. Now the next step is to add information with your text messages. Earlier google has tried to do so with Allo chat app which failed. Google has brought seven new Indian languages which include bengali, gujrati, kannada, malayalam, tamil and urdu. These langauges will be added with marathi added last august to the devices running KaiOS.

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The jio phone which run on KiaOS.


kaiOS has now an emerging operating system. It is a web based mobile operating system based on Linux. It is open source community which is a successor of firefox OS. Google has took a web based system and is optimized for cheap and and non touch version of assistant along with google maps on KiaOS phones.

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A NOKIA phone running of KiaOS.

Features added with KiaOS

Google is bringing a voice typing feature to your text messages. This will enable assistant to translate speech into the text message, web searces or anything you require at that moment. All are the features which will be added to devices running KiaOS. As per the reports, google is also planning to add new features to the devices running Andriod go.

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