The challenges faced by Internet of things(IoT) on daily basis ..

Along with artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT has made its own space. This technology is increasing exponentially. So growing technologies has its its own challenges as well. In the growing market to compete with day to day challenges, updation at every step is meant to be done. As a result a continuous change is required as well.

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Interconnected networks in IoT.

Security in every aspect.

The major threat IoT faces is the security. These attacks on security happen quite often.The reason is having multiple connections.A lot of components are there as well. From IoT ecosystem to data storage every connection demands sight. Also something happening with every connection. So it becomes difficult to handle and easy for attackers to attack. So need of the hour is digging deeper and transform a safer way. To achieve such accuracy continuous checking is required. It is not only a critical but a mandatory step to ensure security in connections.

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Interconnected networks in IoT has a lot to do with privacy and security.

Automation in IoT

After the security test the major challenge is automation and to achieve such environment. The interconnectedness in this IoT era is hard to achieve. Comparing with the web pages which are easy to run on just simple commands and protocols, IoT receives a setback. The connected system in IoT means a lot more work is required. An effective virtual network is really very much required to achieve the same kind of productivity.

Privacy issues.

IoT is now becoming more prevalent in tracking devices and voice recognition feature. Latter with additional feature can be integrated which can be a threat to other’s privacy. It can listen the conversations and collect illegal data to third parties. The data can be transferred to cloud as well. So overall it includes data collection with the involvement of each device.

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