Bolo, a new speech recognition app by google for kids…

Google has its own market of smartphones and online video in India as compared to other brands. The company keeping in mind the literacy of India has launched a new speech recognition app called bolo. Bolo which is hindi word meaning speak helps kids to expand their domain of learning.

Bolo app aims to improve the quality education of children in India


This app is designed to enhance the learning of kids to learn to speak paragraph, comprehension and vocabulary of english and hindi. This text to speech asks user to read the lines and app listens all what user say and suggest the grammatical errors and tell the scope of improvement in speaking in its animated voice called diya which mean to lighten. This app also offers 90 stories which improves the listening skills of user. Also app offer a variety of games , tasks which are designed so as user should not get bored and progress of a child is shared by the parents as well.

Main focus

This app is highly functional and is made for Hindi speaking people and it also works on off data. Nitish Kashyap, the project manager said in the event that, ‘app does not serve more ads and collects only minimal information which is the kind of book or words the kid is struggling and where there is the scope of improvement and user is not tied to provide their email address.’ Google also aims to link more nations with this app and add new languages with it.

Literacy at its best

The main aim to launch this app is to provide quality education to all. No doubt the education has been growing in India with the growing GDP. But there are a lot of children in seventh grade who struggle to speak a single sentence in english. To fill this gap google has invested about Rs 80 crores through in India’s education market. Before launching the app google tested the app in 200 villages of India with 920 students. For the development in this project google also worked with four non profit partners- Pratham Education Foundation, Room to Read, Saajha and Kaivalya Education Foundation. I really hope that this new app of google will reach its way to zenith so that no child shall be left deprived of the quality primary education.

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Bolo app on Playstore

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