AR features available in You tube stories..

For all the content creators on you tube, google has added some new advanced augmented reality filters. These filters are available on you tube stories. Google announced in one of its blog post that this new AR tool use machine learning algorithms which create the filters. These filters are more realistic with having no need of any depth sensor.

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New filters features

The new features of the new augmented reality filters are similar to that of snap chat and instagram. The filters have 3 D hats, glasses ,masks etc. Google says, ” AR featured you tube stories filters are best out there, all thanks to machine learning.”

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AR effects and Machine Learning.

These filters render the AI object into real world which means they use technology that track ‘highly dimensional dynamic surface geometry’ which varies from face to face and their expressions as well. These filters also work on single camera as well as it uses machine learning to infer a 3 D surface geometry and enable visual effects which gives more accurate results.

Augmented reality based effect filters vary from face to face in terms of the surface geometry of face.

“Our machine learning pipeline consist of two real-time deep neural network models that work together: A detector that operates on full image and computes face locations and a generic 3-D mesh model that operates on those locations and predicts the approximate via regression,” Grishchenko and Ablavatski AI engineers of google explained. The challenges that were faced by the company is to provide proper anchoring of real world into the virtual context.

Creator having a virtual augmented reality image with filters.

In the above picture it seems like girl is walking around with her glasses on but it is the new filter of the you tube story which gives her a perfect 3-D dimension glass over her face.

For now AR filters are available to a number of content creators on you tube. Firstly launched Reels in 2017 was available to creators with 10k subscribers or more than that. Like snapchat or instagram the story expires after a certain time period , seven days to be the exact.

Apart from the you tube stories, google is also augmented reality to the google maps. Last month , Mountain view company had started an AR feature for navigation whose requirements are phone camera and google street view.

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