AI and 5G: trendmakers in smartphones

In the marketing of smartphones, AI has created a lot of buzzes. Be its the voice recognization feature using google assistant or intelligent imaging feature. Every form of updating with AI in this industry has attracted a lot of customers. Most smartphones have at least one of the feature using artificial intelligence. It can be facial recognition to face detection for passwords. “We see voice assistant as the application which benefitted every device experience”, said Gareth Owen, Associate Research Director at Counterpoint Research. He also added, “Today most processing in mobile phones is cloud-based. However, voice assistants will be able to process commands quicker and respond faster with on-device processing. It also resolves the privacy concern of every individual.”

5G: the increased speed

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5G can provide every infrastructure which can help with large amount of data.

The 5G network is a next-generation mobile internet connection that offers high speed on smartphones as compared to another network. So as per the predictions, 5G offers a fine network with around 1GB per second speed. A great evolution in IoT( Internet of things) can be done. This network of 5G can provide the infrastructure of processing a large amount of data and make the world more connections. With the ongoing development and tests which are life to the world, it is expected 2020 will be the year of the launch of 5G all across the world.

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5G with IoT.

AI: the eminent concept.

Artificial Intelligence is the basic technology that collects simple data from the user and gives you every sort of comfort as per its calculation around. Apple and Huawei are the first who include AI in their smartphones. They build an AI processor in their SoC (System of a chip) in 2017. To understand better consider an example in our home we call a photographer at our prominent events. We do so because a photographer very well knows what is the demand for a particular moment. At what isosensitivity, shutter speed and in which light a particular picture needs to be clicked. So what if we do not call a photographer and our smartphone will tell us adjusting the sensitivity by calculating the intensity of light of the area. Your smartphones know the shutter speed of the moment.

How can AI improve your smartphone features

Smartphones are only not about camera but there are other features that are effectively the compatibility of a device. Its GPU and power consumption. The power consumption of a device is the major factor when one buys a smartphone. With artificial intelligence, the battery life of a device can be improved with AI. By calculating the time of charging of your device and the improvements in its battery cycles can be done so far.GPU is also the main factor as well. India is one of the top 5 gaming markets along with China in the world. With around half a billion users of PUBG(Player under Battle Ground), a smartphone needs to have a long battery cycle. Because playing PUBG is not a five minutes process, it takes too long.

AI with smartphones.

Challenges with AI

In all the grounds from the visual detector to face detection, the part which remains untouched is audio technology. This can be the future scope of the technology as well. By calculating or detecting the unwanted noise in the environment, it can provide the user with a clean environment to talk on the phone. Every device has a different sound performance. Calculating the sound performance of every device and how your ear listens to it, it can a great updation.

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